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Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards have contributed their first decade to the legacy of American folk and country music, sharing emotively intelligent lyrics, unmistakable vocal harmonies, and a unique blend of instrumentation with audiences throughout the US and Canada. The songs poetically reflect their personal experience as factory workers, teachers, community organizers and natives of postindustrial mill towns in central Massachusetts. Accompanying themselves on guitar, harmonica, ukulele, penny whistle, electric bass, and most uniquely clarinet, their live performance is often punctuated by humorous commentary.

“Steeped in references to nature, the environment and dilemmas of modern life, their beautifully harmonised singing is soothing to the soul. Their harmonies are intuitive and exquisite.”
– Eilís Boland, Lonesome Highway (Ireland)


“The best part of their performance is the undeniable chemistry Mark and Raianne have together; they play with a comfortability and trust that can only come with years of partnership. They allow enough space in their musical bond to for us to settle in and witness some serious songwriting and playing.” – Fred Knittel, WXPN Folkadelphia (Philadelphia PA)

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