Asian-American/Pacific Islander/Desi-American Heritage Month

Please celebrate with us!

At this time, we’d like to reflect on and rejoice in the contributions of Asians in the U.S. and across the globe.

Since launching our Community Art Project for Asian-American / Pacific Islander / Desi-American Heritage Month, we have been busy decorating out lobby with the beautiful origami cranes our patrons and staff have made 💙 We set out to make ONE THOUSAND origami cranes as a community (1,000 is a number of special significance in honoring our neighbors and friends in the Asian Community), and so far, we’ve come together to make about half of our goal.

For the rest of this month, we hope to keep our origami crane-making table available to the public in the lobby. Don’t know how to fold cranes? No worries! We have directions set out, and our library assistant, Cynthia, is an expert and would be happy to help. Patrons who wish the fold cranes at home can ask for a chunk of origami paper at the circulation desk!

In addition, we’ve curated a display of books for your perusal. Featuring books for all reading levels (children’s, young adult, and adult), each item is written by an Asian-American author and centers Asian-American experiences and issues.

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