“I” Celebrate Women’s History

In 1949, French philosopher Simone De Beauvoir published her groundbreaking treatise on the condition of women in the world, The Second Sex.  In this work, she describes that men in patriarchal societies (and therefore nearly the whole of the world) have assumed the position of “the Subject,” whilst relegating women to the position of “the Other.”  Thus, men claim the right to tell their own stories and make their own rules.  Women are either rendered invisible, or are footnotes in men’s narratives.  And of course, women are forced to live in a world designed by and for men. 

Beauvoir challenges women to reject the status of Otherness.  She believes that asserting one’s own desires and experiences can upend existing hierarchical and patriarchal structures, resulting in women living a more authentic existence.  

A woman, telling her own story, becomes the Subject.  In so doing, women affirm their right to be shapers and co-creators of their world.

This project was inspired by women who have done exactly that.  You will notice that every bookmark features a quote by a woman ‘maker and shaker’—each beginning with the subject “I”.

Please take a bookmark, and  celebrate along with us, women who have helped create a more just, equitable, interesting, beautiful, and complete world.  

Thank you!  

Cynthia, Library Assistant

Gladys E. Kelly Public Library

>>You are welcome to download the document containing all 100 bookmarks at the link below!<<

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